Hello there,

Well I have finally finished editing the music video, and have shared it with Mr BDB of Colorado Lounge who is very pleased with the result and it will be public at the weekend, after the gig they are playing at in Birmingham UK, if you are in Birmingham pop along, it is at Scruffys… you know where it is 🙂

So in other news I caught up with Preacher which is my favourite program at the moment, it’s not what I usually watch but hey its good fun and I love the cinematography, American Gods is pretty fantastic for the same  reason, I should look to see if it the same person working on it, Gillian Anderson is fantastic, I love her as Bowie she looks amazing.

Since filming and editing I have started to pay much more attention to how things are being filmed and how they keep the audience interested even when there isn’t much dialogue. I am storyboarding a film at the moment so I keep looking for new ideas and looking for techniques to use as well.  The script writer is a huge Hammer film fan so I will be going for that sort of look, very exciting.

Seawolf trailer


Have you found me on Twitter

More the merrier, I do follow back 🙂

time for something to eat, I have left overs today..  nice left overs though, butternut squash sauce and veggies !

Have a good day, take care of yourselves and those around you 🙂


What day is it?


Did I say I was busy?

Well yesterday we completed filming the video for Colorado Lounge around the coast of Wales, so if you hear any funny reports of strange happenings and clowns… it was us. Today I have started editing, the very lovely lady in the photo has a small role, she isn’t very good at acting so we just kept her in the back 😉

I love using Premiere Pro for the editing, as I have used Photoshop for a few years it does feel like it has a good flow and if you get stuck I can always find a handy tutorial on Youtube.  I do have a Youtube channel but it is still in construction shall we say..  I haven’t posted much yet…

Social media is a fantastic thing if it is used well and correctly, I feel quite strongly about young people being online, they really could be talking to anyone, I predicted when the  Periscope  app first became available it could be used to groom the young and sadly it has happened,  Snapchat with its maps, so you can stalk your favourite Snapchatter… do the people who create the apps not have any common sense ?  ( Gosh I’m quite ranty tonight)

Any way, back to normal conversation.. I have also been on my Redbubble account and had a look at what is being looked at not, I am still not sure how it all work, the why people like some things and not others, I post the images and everytime Im like.. this is the best one yet!  but to no avail.. so I have had a tidy up and re edited some of the images in the hope that people fall in love with them and buy everything.. Okay a little ambious but it is nice when people like my stuff 😀

Have a peep….. feedback is welcome…

Supper time!

Take care of yourselves and the ones you love, and the ones you only like too




Final filming for the next Colorado Lounge video, Time on my Hands, much to do.. feeling a little stressed I didn’t sleep well last night thinking everything through, but hey I can have an early night after I have caught up with  Game of Thrones .. very excited, I should have just watched it last night but hey I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on it.


If you are of a sensitive nature or easily offended please don’t watch the clip, especially if you are scared of clowns.. #just saying …..Colorado Lounge.

Snotty Cow….



Hope you have had a good weekend 🙂

Mine has been quite busy hence not posting yesterday,  what with children, film editing, photo editing and a quick trip to the beach I am quite worn out again, I think a cup of tea will stave off a nap for a while though.

Just in case you are wondering, I’m not being rude this is one of the cows who are sometimes in the field next door to me, they are adorable, they always come and say hello and are very curious about what is happening around them, what you don’t realise is just how big they are until they are standing by you, I have read and heard about people being crushed by cows, they huddle it is what they do, don’t go in the field with them they may want to huddle you. Another thing we have noticed when its the afternoon and they are all sitting around chewing the cud, there always seems to be one or two that stand watch, making sure they are safe, they truly look after each other.

So if anyone calls you a nosy cow or a snotty cow, its okay because cows are fab.

Snotty Cow !


I love the moon.


I love the moon, when it peeps through the clouds it always makes me smile, it seems to be watching over us as we rest at night, it is always there even when it is in the shadows.

I am one of those people who really wonder if man went to the moon and if they did, why haven’t they gone back, was it so disappointing?  what were they hoping to find? Maybe Wallace and Gromit did the best investigation .. a cheese hunt 😉

The moon has been an inspiration to many, poems, literature and films have all been associated with ‘her’, the Werewolf being one of these, changing with the moonlight since  folklore tales began and in more modern times in the Pirates of the Caribbean the moon changed the pirate into their skeleton-selves.

Back in the Victorian days the term Lunatic was very popular as a way of describing people with mental health problems that seemed to be worsened by the waxing and waning of the moon.

“She didn’t quite know what the relationship was between lunatics and the moon, but it must be a strong one, if they used a word like that to describe the insane.”
Paulo Coelho, Veronika Decides to Die

I shall come back to this at a later date,

things to do,

Have a wonderful afternoon !





Do you like to play games?


I love a game of Scrabble, sadly the only person who will play against me now is my Mom and I do not see her very often as we live 300 miles away, she refuses to use the internet just case ‘people’ know where she is… I do wonder what she gets up to in these Friday morning ladies groups that is so secretive.  Dodgy dealing with the OAPs most likely !

I have played online but it is really not the same as messing with the tiles and looking at the combination of words or lack of in my case some days, making up funny words or rude ones :O  and trying to get on the to double or triple word score by stretching the word out. It is a giggle and if you haven’t played, just give it a go.  My daughter plays a lot of board games and prefers them to X-box and even Nintendo ( I miss my Nintendo days)  but Scrabble is still the one for me.

So if you are a fan like me take a look at the link at the top and have a look at the things you can purchase from Redbubbe with Scrabble on.



Cheeky design.

I did a cheeky design for Redbubble this afternoon, you will have to excuse the pun but I could not resist ! top


This little chap came to see me the other day and I managed to get a couple of photos with  a long lens and now his image is on T-shirts and bed linen, I have placed the bird very carefully on the T-shirts… and he has a twin 😀


Gosh it must be nearly dinner time… or at least time for a cup of tea….tit