New Redbubble

Well I finally got a new image up on Redbubble after starting a picture then not liking it and changing my mind a few times, then on FB I am part of a photography group and the theme of the day was fruit, so I popped into the very windy garden and found some blackberries, I have always thought them brain like and popped them into a shot glass that is shaped like a skull and took a photo, gave it a tweak and as they say Bob is your uncle..

So if you like skulls that look they have juicy brains or know someone who does, you know where to go 😉

So on to my next task, screenwriting, this could take the rest of the day, I better snack first .. anyone else fancy pasta?


Have fun, hope it stays dry, the rain is coming in slowly over here!



Uploading from the middle of nowhere.

Morning all,

well yesterday took longer than expected so I didn’t achieve all I hoped, but hey today is a new day and I will endeavour to finish my Redbubble image and get the filming spreadsheet thing done, so I know what I am doing over the weekend in September.

I admit to getting distracted and working on something completely different, see link below…

The bridge.

I recorded the journey over the bridge to England from Wales and played with it on Premiere Pro and added a bit of music, that didn’t take to long it was the faffing trying to upload it with our dreadful Wifi, the downside of rural living.. but hey it is worth it.


Then it was nearly dinner time..I love pasta, I could eat it everyday to be honest and this recipe that I found in a rather lovely vegan cookery book is a favourite, I am not vegan but I am not good with dairy and don’t eat much meat so sometimes vegan recipes are the best and it has come on so much from when I first went veggie when I was 13, mother was not happy, but I don’t like meat 😦

So anyway this pasta sauce is made with butternut squash, coconut milk and seasoning, I have seen several versions online but this one is by Aine Carlin and it is gorgeous, Keep it vegan  

It makes enough for 2 or dinner and breakfast (whoops)


Well my lovelies, I better crack on with other stuff for now, if I complete anything I shall share.. have a wonderful day,



tor stars


Hello there,

thank you for coming back and if you are a new reader, welcome!  I have just returned from Glastonbury, not the festival, the town.  It has been a favourite place to visit for a few years now, both my partner and I had been there before we met and it is nice to enjoy together.  For me it is a place where I totally relax and it takes a day or so to get motivated again as I daydream about the place.

If you get the chance to go, please do it is very relaxing and the people are very chilled out and happy to chat, if you like holistic or spiritual things this is the place for you and you may not want to go home…

I hope you can see the photograph well enough it is a long exposure of the monument at the top of the Tor with a few stars and shooting stars around it, I am going to work with this image to make something a bit special by tomorrow evening all being well.

I have a few things to do online today,  I want to do a new design for Redbubble and do a short video clip for the production side of things so I keep my hand in for the filming that is booked in for the end of September, it is all hands to the deck as they say as we count down the weeks, I have plenty to do preparing for the outside scenes and just hoping that the weather is not to windy so we don’t lose the tripods!  Here is the trailer I made a few weeks ago in preparation, I need to make another one but could do with the cast being about 😉


Before I head off to do other stuff, Redbubble have a sale on today… 25% off so if you would like to have a look at my creations please head over to..


and have a peep.

Have a lovely day..




Hello there,

What I have really liked about doing the blog so far is seeing where everyone who has a peep comes from, it is so lovely to see the map with lots of colours on and I really hope that you all enjoy reading my rambles and feel free to say “hi there,” if you so wish.

Well in the UK the children are on the summer break, so we have had two of my partners children here for a few days, they are fun to have around but I find it quite tiring as I am used to being on my own or just with my partner and I have to feed and clean after them, but we did have a Bake Off competition this week which was fun, we all chose a cake to make and took it in turns to cook.  I chose a Chiffon Earl Grey tea which is very light and fluffy and tea flavour,   the others were Lemon Drizzle, Chocolate fudge style cake and the youngest make some cup cakes, all the cakes were gorgeous and we are all bored of eating cake now.. so next time we are doing savoury dishes.

 I love getting the kids in the kitchen they really enjoy it and Will and I  have had a lot of chats while baking, she is now 9 and I have known her since she was 3 and we have very deep and meaningful talks in the kitchen, sometimes she just needs to offload what is going on in her head and share the frustration of living with 3 older sisters, it is great     1-2-1 time.  She also was quite a late reader, she wasn’t interested and her sisters all read for her, so she no need, but baking helped, she was interested in looking at the ingredients and the recipe and when shopping for the goods she helped there too, so it was a good process for her to learn.

We had an hour out at the beach, I was hoping for longer, but there was seaweed, bugs, smells and seagull poop.. so we had to come home, I had taken my metal detector and we have found a bolt and I took my camera and took 2 out of focus photos so not a successful day, you have to laugh…

Hey ho, back to some sort of normality now, off to Cardigan tomorrow and then Tenby on Thursday to see one of my friends who is over on holiday !! I am very excited.  I will take photos !

Have  a lovely evening, wherever you are,


Busy Bee..

swirl Well what a week I have had, lots of miles done and not much time to rest, children’s birthdays done and parents visited for another couple of months, so home for a couple of weeks, unfortunately we bought home a lot of clothes that were being stored for us and I have to find somewhere to keep them all..  new clothes on the way and much sorting to be done. Most of my clothes are from when I was working as a TA in the Midlands so can probably go back in a bag till I go back to work.

So after a quick tidy round I managed to get some time to myself on Photoshop to create a new design for Redbubble and I am really pleased with it and I hope everyone else likes it too.  I do enjoy finding new techniques and my daughter has promised to teach me how to make my own brushes so I can continue my journey.  I have been using Photoshop for photo editing for a few years now but my daughter uses it for her art so it is a nice combo that we have going on.

We are watching Hairspray this evening, I say watching what I mean is watching and singing along I don’t think we have reached dancing along yet though..


I shall do a proper post tomorrow…


Take care, have fun


Handsome chap.

This handsome chap had a bit part in the latest video I produced by Colorado Lounge, I shall pop the link at the end so you can view if you so wish.  Not recommended for children or people with a clown phobia, as the lead is a clown in the not so nicest possible way.

It has been a busy few days and we are very tired and irritable but hey, I am off to see my children this week for birthday celebrations so lots of food and cocktails to be enjoyed, they are grown up so its ok 😀

I am really looking forward to the week after as well as my friend Sam is coming our way, I have known her for nearly 10 years and we do have a giggle, she is coming to Tenby on holiday so we are going to meet her for the day and probably fish and chips as that is what you do by the seaside!

We are starting to get ready for a holiday in October, we are hoping to go to Crete for a week and I am going to really try to learn to speak some Greek, so far I can say hello and good evening nice but not very extensive.. so I have downloaded Duolingo and will see how it goes, as long as I get hummus and ouzo I should be ok.. 😉


Video link


I hope you enjoy the video, let me know,

Have a good week, take care and speak soon !!



Just a quick one !

I thought I was ready, but I’m not…. so just a quick post and plug this morning before I set out on the train for 5 hours, its ok though I enjoy the journey its very pleasant for the most of it and I have an iPad with a film downloaded for the last part, I watched The Breakfast Club on my last trip, so desperately trying not to cry at the end.. must make sure the next film isn’t a weepy!

Im off for a flying visit, then home, then away again but its worth it to catch up with family, I have a double birthday celebration to go to so that will be great fun, Greek food and cocktails, what more could you wish for.

Anyway quick plug for a design/photograph from a while ago but it is still one of my favourites and I think for the summer evenings it would be really nice to have with you, either on a top or iPhone case 🙂




Where I live we are about half an hour away from the coast depending who is driving.. if it is my partner, its quicker 😉  so we  go along for a walk and an ice cream I would go everyday if I had the chance, maybe when I pass my test I will 🙂


better get a shimmy on..

have a wonderful day