Pineapple Cheese Puff!


I Love Pineapple!

and on Pizza!


This is so simple and great fun to make with the children, children enjoy the helping and the eating of the tasty result.

This is a ping back to my childhood when pineapple and cheese on sticks was a must at all picnics and buffets, sometimes made to look like a hedgehog on an upturned grapefruit.


Ladybird Book Cooking 004

Just like this!

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I used bought vegan puff pastry from Lidl, I can’t guarantee that all pastry are vegan so check the label.  I bought pineapple rings, I prefer the ones in juice but syrup ones are just as good, then I used Pizza Melty cheese which is my favourite vegan sub, but something with a bit of bite is good, if you eat cheese a mature cheddar would work really well too.

I preheated the oven to 200 degrees  and put a little spray oil on it.

I cut in the pastry into squares ( sort of) with kitchen scissors, could be safer than a knife if you are assisting youngsters, that the pineapple ring would fit on and put them on the tray and also sprayed them with a little oil to make the pastry crisp up in the oven.

I drained the pineapple rings and gave them a dab with a piece of kitchen roll so they were not too wet and put them on top of the pastry , then filled the centre with the cheese.

Popped them in the oven till the pastry had risen and was golden brown, I served them with Alpro custard and they were divine!




Vegan Pineapple Cheese Puff
Vegan Pineapple Cheese Puff


I hope you find time to make this simple but gorgeous  pudding!


Have a wonderful one!







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