Hello there,

I am back, hopefully to some sort of normality, but that can not be guaranteed 😉  after a week of being off the grid, feeling ill and having friends over I think I can safely say I can get back into my routine of blogging and designing now, it is a bit like when the kids have gone back to school after the summer holidays but on a much smaller scale 😀

So today I am going to share a rather amazing recipe with you,  I was doing my usual flicking through Pinterest when I found this rather gorgeous recipe for  Spanakopita on a beautiful blog called Poppy and the bees, well worth a peep, my recipe is slightly different but defiantly inspired by this one.

This serves 2/3 depending on appetite and what you serve with it, I served a small tomato salad but you could serve some lovely lemon and garlic roast potatoes with it aswell.

I have taken photographs and will do my best to explain what I did and when..  bear with..

Firstly choose some music to cook too, I chose the soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim always a good sing a long.

Then bring together the ingredients,

6 cubes of frozen spinach

10 mixed olives

Half a pint of cashew nuts


2 cloves of garlic

Oregano and mint

Zest and juice of a lemon



Filo pastry



Salt and Pepper


If you decide to make this you have to be a little prepared, you have to soak the cashew nuts for about 3 hours so you can blend them, just a heads up, of course if you eat cheese use can use feta for a more traditional dish.


Dice the onion and start to fry on a medium in a couple of teaspoons of olive oil.

Dice the garlic and add to the onion when it is translucent.

Fry for 2 minutes then add the frozen spinach ( you can use fresh but be aware of how quick it cooks) .

Chop the olives in to either halves or thirds depending on the size, we want to know they are there but not overpower the spinach.

Chop and add the herbs, if you don’t have fresh its ok just add a teaspoon of mixed or half oregano and half mint.

As this cooks down  put the drained cashew nuts into a blender and blitz for about 3 minutes till smooth, you may need to add a little water each blend is different.



Add zest and juice of a lemon to your pan


It looks very Greek already!

Now to build your Spanakopita.

I bought a lovely dish just the right size for 2 and but 2 layers of filo pastry in letting the sides overlap and then sprayed them with the frylight. I then added the spinach mixture and put dots of the blended cashews on the top.


I then added another layer of filo and sprayed more frylight on top as well as a light drizzle of olive oil for flavour.

I popped it in the oven at 200 degrees, gas mark 7 for about 15 minutes, in this time I made a little tomato, olive and pomegranate salad with  balsamic vinegar to go with it.

IMG_8216 2



I was very pleased with this dish, it made me yearn for the Greek sunshine, the tomato salad worked with the creamy filling of the pie and the crispy top.

I hope you like the recipe and give it a go or even do your own twist on it, cooking can be quite experimental, if you like more garlic add more !

I feel the need for a cup of tea now, then a bit of designing for my next Redbubble and maybe a sneaky nap at some point 😉

Have a great day, keep smiling



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